Yente Village - Bladi - Sarikaya

Yente Village - Bladi - Sarikaya

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Yente Village Bladi Sarikaya

To reach this region, when you follow the road that deviates from 3km above Uzungol to the left, you can first reach the bladi meze with its breathtaking nature. Just above the Bladi hamlet, you can reach Sarikaya, which is one of the highest places that both dominate the region and see the Uzungol. After passing Sarikaya, you can visit the Yente plateau and then the village of Yente, where yente honey is produced, which is famous for its bees fed by endemic flower species.

Yente Altitude: 2100 m

Bladi Altitude: 1850 m

Sarikaya Altitude: 2500 m