Uzungol Inan Kardesler Hotel

Dursun Ali INAN


Uzungol Inan Kardesler

Welcome to Uzungol Inan Kardesler Hotel

Our enterprise, which was established in 1974 in a heaven on earth, opened the building in 2002 in an experimental environment and underwent a general restoration in 2012. All of the rooms of our hotel have mountain and forest views, some of them overlook the street and the other part overlooks the garden of our hotel. You can have your breakfast in a green garden with a small stream at the back of our hotel and benefit from our food and beverage services at any time of the day. It is possible to come across beds, tables, sitting groups, chandeliers, various animal figures made from tree roots, which Dursun ali INAN created as a result of 25 years of work in almost every corner of our hotel. Our hotel is 400 meters from the lake. The lake is visible from some of the balconies of our rooms. As Inan Kardesler Hotel, we have made ourselves a motto to create a service structure that will adhere to the traditional cultural structure of Uzungol.

Inan Kardesler, what kind of a heaven on earth the hotel is. Here is the answer;

Uzungol is the place where all the shades of the four seasons will be lived to your heart's content. You will see that pitch flowers have bloomed, the Solaklı stream has ramped up, the comars have awakened, the sky has been painted blue… It is spring in Uzungol. You see, people are on the way to the plateau, the birds are composing in the branch, the green says I'm here in the land of the mountains… Summer has come to Uzungol. You see, a deep silence in the mountains, the wind blows leaves, a colorful forest, a sun that does not tire, trees crying… One remembers death. Man looks like nature, like the last state of human life before death, autumn has come before winter. You see, pine trees covered in snow like a bride wearing a veil, and roe deer approached people, the mountains were frozen, the snow swallowed all the dirt… Uzungol has come winter. Whatever mountain you climb, Uzungol appears from the top. Uzungol is actually a huge paradise. The lake is just its visible beauty next to it. Beautiful plateaus, glacial lakes, a wild life in its own right among the surrounding mountains, wolf, jackal, bear, lynx, fox, boar, bird, beetle, squirrel, pied marten, owl, mountain rooster, badger, otter and many more For centuries, people lived here in the culture of the Black Sea, drank water from rivers, cut grass from meadows, migrated to plateaus, spent many lifetimes, played horons, played pipes, fiddle, and overalls for centuries.

We will be happy to host Uzungol friends in our hotel with all the hospitality of the Black Sea people. Hope to see you on nice days….